[Thursday 9. 19:30. Corral de comedias] ALCINE enSerie TICKETS

Serielizados Fest turns 10 years old and celebrates the 10th edition of its Serial Pilot Showcase. This prestigious event has the evaluation of a professional jury and the participation of the public and the episodes will have the opportunity to be screened in two galas open to the public, in Barcelona and Alcalá, besides being able to enjoy them online at Filmin. In addition, to whet our appetite, the Antaviana studio will tell us all the secrets behind the post-production of one of the series of the year: SELFTAPE.

Opening talk: SELFTAPE, the keys behind the production by Antaviana Films.
Selftape is the story of Joana Vilapuig and Mireia Vilapuig, who try to survive as actresses and themselves in the Barcelona of 2023 after having been child stars thanks to the series Pulseras rojas. The series is created by the Vilapuig sisters, directed by Barbara Ferré and produced by Filmax. Antaviana Films has been in charge of key post-production processes such as editing and color grading, sound design and mixing, VFX and CGI.




Finding Calm by Alex Ayres

Sandra Flores (a.k.a. "Josie Asquerosi") is an artist and comedian who one day wakes up with a bald spot. Maybe it's economic stress, maybe it's something else... In this series, Sandra tries to combine a precarious job with her desire to be an artist and find calm.


A Arte De Ser (Mal) Pai by Porco Bravú

Agra del Orzán, A Coruña, 2023. César is a separated father, without a job and without any vital aspiration other than to see his daughter Clara when it is his turn. Everything changes when Marta, his ex-wife, accepts a job that will take them to live in London. The separation is imminent and before he can accept it, César must face the last three days he will spend with his daughter in a long time. Three days of contradictory feelings, restrained emotions and personal discovery. Three days in which father and daughter will connect as never before.


Trippiecontes of Santa Penya

A young man with no name is immersed in each chapter in an extraordinary story in modern-day Barcelona. Defying traditional narrative conventions, Trippiecontes offers large doses of surrealism, humor and Barnaguarrism. A series that fuses punk tales without morals, dirty fantasy and magical realism.


Bruno & Co. by Alejo Levis and Bruno Oro

Bruno & co. is a hybrid format with guests from the world of show business and culture, who will have to improvise within a situation that will revolve around the limits of humor. Three friends -led by the comedian Bruno Oro- aim to make a comedy that everyone will like and no one will be offended. Is that possible? This frame of action will help us to get to know our guests in an irreverent and new way: a fake reality show.


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