• What requirements do I need to apply for an accreditation?
    You must be affiliated to an audiovisual media, press, radio, online media, have more than 1,500 followers on YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, IVoox, Twitch or whatever platform you use to distribute your content. Proof of this is required.
    Or be a professional or student in the audiovisual sector.

  • Who is considered an audiovisual professional?
    Anyone working in the audiovisual sector, production companies, television stations, streaming platforms, etc.

  • Who is considered to be a student of the audiovisual sector?
    Anyone who can prove an enrollment in audiovisual studies of various types: film schools, university degrees and postgraduate courses, vocational training in the audiovisual sector, etc.

  • If I am a media person, can I apply for 2 accreditations to take an assistant?
    Yes, you can apply for up to 3 accreditations per medium or production company, if the application is justified and adapted to the needs of the medium. Once accreditation has been requested, the request will be assessed by the organisation.

  • What does accreditation allow me to do?
    The accreditation allows you to access all the screenings of the festival free of charge, always exchanging your ticket at the box office of the corresponding venue.
    The accreditation does not allow access to special sessions and concerts.
    We will provide you with a festival catalogue in PDF.

  • What rules do I have to comply with?
    Look for your accreditation at the festival office (Antiguo Hospital de Santa María la Rica, C/ Santa María la Rica, 3, 28801 Alcalá de Henares). Before entering each session, show your accreditation at the box office to get your ticket.

  • What is the deadline for applying for accreditation?
    You can apply for your accreditation up to one day before the start of the festival, until 2 November 2023.

  • If I missed the deadline, can I still apply?
    If you have missed the deadline, please contact us at: to tell us about your case and we will reply as soon as possible. Or come directly to the ESPACIO ALCINÉFILO with your proof of registration.
  • When can I pick up my accreditation?
    You can pick up your accreditation at our ESPACIO ALCINÉFILO, in the Antiguo Hospital Santa María La Rica in Alcalá de Henares from Friday 3 November at 10am.

  • Will tickets be available online?
    You can only pick up your free tickets with your accreditation at the Teatro Salón Cervantes box office. Tickets will be available in advance with the exception of some special screenings.