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 The festival is open to short films that are majority European productions. Films of mainly Spanish production and/or Spanish directed short films must be presented in the National Short Film Competition. The selection committee will later select several of these Spanish films for joint participation in the European Competition.

 The screening copy of the films can be presented in one of the following formats: Blu-Ray or HD file (video screening support media include: File containers: .mov or .mkv. File coding: ProRes 422 and 422 HQ, H264 or AVI/NDXHD) or DCP, made after the 1st of January 2021 and not registered in previous editions of ALCINE.

 The maximum run time for participating films is 40 minutes.

 The screening copy of films in languages other than Spanish or English must be subtitled in either Spanish or English.



 Each filmmaker may submit as many short films as he or she wants.

 A selection committee is responsible for selecting films for participation in the European Competition from all received short films. The person indicated on the entry form as the 'first contact' will be informed of the result of the selection. (It is very important to fill in all the contact details on the online form!)

 The selected films will be presented in the Film Festival catalogue and will be shown in public screenings during the festival. Screening venues and dates will be announced in the official program of the Festival.

 If they so choose, selected films will take part in the online edition of the event through the online platform Filmin. Films can be seen in Filmin during the official dates of the festival. The benefits obtained will be distributed as follows: 60% for the participating short films, 40% for Filmin. (

 Appeals cannot be made against decisions taken by the Selection Committee and Jury.

10º The shipping costs of the selected films to the festival must be covered by the senders, and the return costs will be paid by the festival.

11º The makers of the films selected for competition will be notified with invitation to the Festival for the two nights that their film is screened. Accommodation will be paid for by the festival.

12º The organization guarantees to cover expenses incurred from possible damages to, or loss of, projection copies or other physical materials delivered or sent by participants. It will also take responsibility for their replacement.

13º The producers of the selected short films must authorize the use of a fragment of the work (a maximum of three minutes) for inclusion in informative materials for the news media, including the Internet.

14º The addition of any new awards not currently included in these conditions will be appropriately announced through festival communication channels (Web, press releases etc.).

15º Participation for everyone involved in the festival requires complete acceptance of these conditions and the resolution of any problem not included therein by the start of the festival. Online registration requires the acceptance of these conditions.

16º In the event of legal problems, the Spanish version of these conditions will take precedence.



17º The following is required: 

Completion of the online form at

Dispatch of the film online (for free) with English and/or Spanish subtitles.

For an optimal preview quality, we recommend the video to be in HD. If a password for viewing is used, this must appear on the form in the corresponding field. The password must be maintained until the end of the festival. If it should be changed before the end of the festival, the organization must be notified or the change as soon as possible.

Three high-resolution digitalized photos of the film, one photo of the director, and informative materials describing the short film. Photos and documentation must be sent in the online registration or by email to the following address:


18º The opening date for entries will begin on the day following the registration of this call in the National Subsidies Database and the deadline for entries and shipment of the compulsory material is July 15th 2022.

19º The films selected must be sent in exhibition format on the date indicated at the time of selection. Participants will be notified of the dispatch method after being selected.

20º All films will be entered for participation in the Festival’s Video Library, unless instructions are given to the contrary.

21º A copy of films sent online will also be kept in the ALCINE archives.

22º Given the special and unpredictable circumstances that occur this year internationally due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the ALCINE organization advices of the possibility that, if the festival cannot be held under normal circumstances, it could be postponed, canceled or held in a different format than the foreseen. If the festival has to take place online and if the circumstances vary some of the points contained in these regulations, it will be communicated as soon as possible to all participants so that they can decide on their participation.

23º This regulation will be published on the web, and in the National Database of Subsidies of Spain.



24º The jury responsible for awards and trophies given to the films selected for the European Competition will be made up of professionals from the cinematographic, artistic, and cultural sector, always in odd number, as well as members of the organization who may put forward opinions but may not cast an official vote.

25º In the event that the Jury feels it is necessary to have a joint award, the amount of the award will be divided between the works in question.


First prize: 5,000 Euros.
Second prize: 3,000 Euros.
Third prize: 2,000 Euros.

ALCINE is an OSCAR® qualifying festival. The First Prize 'ALCINE' of the European Short Film Competition, if it is a fiction or animation short, will have the option of participating in the selection of the OSCAR® in its corresponding category.

'ALCINE' Audience Award

The amount of the 'ALCINE' awards will be divided equally between the producer and the director of the award-winning film. This amount is subject to taxation determined by the laws in force at the time. The winners must submit a copy of the producer’s and director’s ID, bank details, documents establishing their tax residence, etc., once notified of the awards.


In order to participate in the European Short Film Competition at ALCINE50, please complete the online form and sed us your short films online (for free), documentation, photos, and all required materials by the 15th of July 2022.

ALCINE51 will be officially held between November 4 and 11 in Alcalá de Henares and the screenings of the selected short films in this competition will take place at the Teatro Salón Cervantes and / or the Corral de Comedias within those dates (unless the special circumstances mentioned under point 22 of these regulations are given).


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