Meeting with top professionals: Writers, screenwriters, comic authors, entrepreneurs and filmmakers will share their secrets with the audience.

[Monday 6-. 17:00 Teatro Salón Cervantes].

  • Make the difference: build your audiovisual profile and tell the world about it.
    By Pablo Maqueda.

In the audiovisual sector, the filmmaker also has to know how to sell himself, bringing out his strengths, making the most of all the tools available to create a professional personality that attracts attention.

From preparing a portfolio on social networks, a personal website or a sales dossier to succeeding in a pitch. Pablo Maqueda, film director, will give us the keys to take advantage of all available resources, and will show us examples of successes and mistakes to learn how to sell ourselves and our audiovisual projects, whether fiction, a spot or a video clip. 

  • From the Kings League to Cines Zoco Majadahonda: how to take advantage of the new audiovisual challenges.
    By Jaime Gona.

Cinema and movies used to practically shape our capacity of choice as spectators. For some years now, more than we think, the consumption* of content has been atomized to the point of generating new formats, perhaps unthinkable years ago, which threaten to fragment the industry, generating new business models that evolve almost daily. How should we face an industry in continuous change?

Jaime Gona, producer, will show us how we can go from winning awards in Malaga or producing adaptations of Azcona to recovering a few cinema sals in his city, which everyone thought were already lost.


[Tuesday 7 - 17:30h Corral de Comedias].

  • From the library to the Goya Awards. Literary adaptations back and forth.
    By David Muñoz.

David Muñoz became known as a screenwriter with El espinazo del diablo (Guillermo del Toro, 2001) and has not stopped since. More than two decades as an all-terrain screenwriter have given him all kinds of assignments, learning and anecdotes (many of them shared in his networks, blogs and the Bloguionistas portal, of which he is one of the most active authors), he has worked adapting successful novelists such as Arturo Pérez Reverte (Quart, based on La piel del tambor) or Juan José Millás (No mires a los ojos, based on Desde la sombra). This last work, directed by the "ALCIEFILO" Félix Viscarret, earned him his first Goya nomination. But what is not so usual in the profession is for a scriptwriter to have his own work adapted in another medium, and Muñoz combines his audiovisual work with the publication of comics for France and Spain, such as La casa de los susurros and Tierra de vampiros (with TIrso Cons and Manuel García, both in Yermo Ediciones), 15 (with Andrés G. Leiva, in Astiberri) or Sordo (with Rayco Pulido, currently in Astiberri). The latter was taken to the big screen by Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas, in a small war super-production starring Asier Etxandía. He will talk to us in this exclusive masterclass for ALCINE about these two-way roads, the processes involved on each side of the line, tricks and tips to reach a successful conclusion, as well as the keys to his favorite adaptations. A complete course on screenwriting compressed into just one hour.

[Wednesday 8 - 17:30h Corral de Comedias].

Life in films.

A meeting between Alejandro G. Calvo, Jaume Ripoll and Pepa Blanes.

In this year that we celebrate the crossovers between books and cinema, three authors have decided to tell themselves through the films to which they have devoted their lives. The first was Quentin Tarantino with his Meditations on Cinema. The other two, possibly the most influential film popularizers in our country today, are much closer and will meet publicly for the first time to talk about life and cinema under the baton of journalist Pepa Blanes.

Alejandro G. Calvo, Head of Movies at Webedia Spain (SensaCine and Espinof), has made film content on Youtube his own genre through his channel, where his reviews, chronicles of festivals, talks, video essays and a long etcetera of formats accumulate more than 400,000 followers and has just made the leap to RTVE. In Una película para cada año de tu vida (Planeta) he pours his encyclopedic knowledge into a hundred recommendations focused on each phase of our passage through the world.


Jaume Ripoll is co-founder and editorial director of Filmin, a leading portal for classic and auteur cinema in our country, with more than one million subscribers and a firm upward trend in the midst of the "war of the platforms". Its careful selection and its commitment to a clear editorial line instead of the impersonal customizations of the algorithm have been key to its success. At the same time, he directs the Atlántida Film Fest, a thriving international festival in Mallorca, the city where the experiences narrated in Videoclub begin. A hybrid between industrial essay, coming-of-age and memoirs, he shows his most personal side through a life literally linked to films, whether they were 35mm reels, DVDs, digital files and, of course, VHSs.

Pepa Blanes directs and presents the program El cine on SER, where she is head of the Culture Section. She has presented La Script on Movistar Plus+ and Vermú, the film and series program on the same channel. She wrote the essay Abre los ojos, películas y series para entender el mundo, (Fuera de ruta, 2021).