Santiago Lorenzo. From the cinema to the novel.

Santiago Lorenzo. From the cinema to the novel

ALCINE 52. November 3 to December 10, 2023.

Antonio López Hall. Former Hospital of Santa María La Rica C/Santa María La Rica, 3. Alcalá de Henares.


Before conquering the bookstores with Los asquerosos, he was one of our most personal and unclassifiable filmmakers with cult titles such as Mamás es boba or Manualidades, awarded in their day at ALCINE.

Now we will know his particular universe through his models and texts never seen in Madrid, plus a collection of films and curiosities about his novels for those readers / viewers more completists.

A complete compendium of the three-dimensional and graphic work of Santiago Lorenzo. From the work that marks his passage from cinema to novel, made between both chronological moments.

It is an amusing collection of visual greguerías, unsettling models, useless furniture, delirious objects, constructions for visual effects, scale contraptions, crazy props, scenographic models, conceptions for vehicles and even a plan for corporeal credit titles. Objects against logic composed, paradoxically, based on maniacal perfection. They are accompanied by sketches, drawings, photographs and preparatory and/or allusive stills.

A fundamental role is played by the cartouches, the literary part of the exhibition. The commentaries on the boards are a cipher of the transition from the audiovisual (the cinema) to the verbal (the novel), with which the exhibition defines its diachronic character in tangible material.

The works presented are highly attractive, due to the solidity of their proposal, their curiosity and their intelligible conceptuality. They constitute a mixture of aesthetic surprise, craftsmanship rigor, artistic quality and iconic and verbal divertimento of an unquestionable capacity of seduction. They offer an astonishing mixture of meticulousness and madness, making it clear that millimetric accuracy is the shortest way to disorder. These are rapturous objects, shots against the laws of logic. The effect is subjugating: the works laugh at physics and common sense. But they are elaborated, on the other hand, with a prodigious technique.

The exhibition is completed with an independent collection of drawings made by the author, a small projection room with a selected filmography and a last room, created specifically for ALCINE 52, with materials related to his literary production, variations of covers and a small cabinet of objects, editions and curiosities.


Meeting with the author: Friday 3. 19:00h. Teatro Salón Cervantes.