Lupe and Bruno

España . 2005. Color. 6 min. Animación. .
  • Film Director: Marc Riba; Anna Solanas.
  • Scriptwriter: Marc Riba; Anna Solanas.
  • Cinematography: Anna Molinas.
  • Editing: Sergi Martí.
  • Art director: Marc Riba.
  • Music: Emilio Solla.
  • Sound: Anna Solanas.
  • Animation: Núria Ribas.
  • Producer: Marc Riba.

Lupe loves Bruno. Bruno does not love Lupe. A story of breathtaking passion, impossible love, and..... In fact, it is just Lupe and Bruno's story.

Marc Riba

Marc was born in Barcelona, 1978, he is a screenwriter and director. His first animated short is 'El negre és el color dels déus' (2002), the result of the graduation project he carried out together with Anna Solana. With this work they get a nomination for the Goya Awards. His second short film, 'La Lupe i en Bruno' (2005) has been screened at festivals in 35 different countries, winning 29 awards. Her third short film, 'Violeta, the fisherwoman of the black sea' (2006) has been screened in more than 170 festivals around the world, achieving a total of 24 awards. 'Cabaret Kadne' (2008) is his latest work on 35mm.

Marc Riba and Anna Solanas have been working in the world of puppet animation for more than 15 years. They have made 10 short films which have been selected in more than 1000 festivals around the world.

"El Pou" (2017) / "Cucarachas" (2017) / "Cavalls Morts" (2016) / "Bloquejats Apilats" (2014) / "Canis" (2013) / "Grand Prix" (2011) / "Les bessones del Carrer de Ponent" (2010) / "Cabaret Kadne" (2008) / "Violeta, la pescadora del mar negro" (2006) / "La Lupe i en Bruno" (2005) / "El negre és el color dels déus" (2002)

Anna Solanas

Anna Solanas has been working in the world of puppet animation for more than 15 years, hand in hand with Marc Riba. They have made 6 short films that have been selected in more than 700 festivals around the world, winning 100 awards. Through their production company, I + G Stop Motion (created in 2005) they are currently developing a new television series titled "Triton, the Little Wizard", the pilot episode of which aired in the winter of 2010. They are also developing the feature film "Errònia".

They have found, through the developed productions, their own inimitable style, which portrays a world full of misfits and rebels. They pay special attention to the complex and contradictory universe inhabited by children, where innocence, imagination and ingenuity are intimately intertwined with cruelty, selfishness and little obsession. The powerful theme of sexuality also stands out in his work, always present in our lives and, of course, in that of children, from a very young age.