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In addition to official sections and screenings of all kinds, ALCINE always reserves space for debate and meetings to share ideas and experiences, at the ALCINE Forum, a space open to dialogue and for coming into contact with new ideas in relation to cinema and short film. 

On this occasion, climate change will not only be present in the seminars and the exhibition, but also at this forum. We will learn first-hand what sustainable cinema is all about; how to make films that leave their mark on the audience, but not on the planet. This concern for good environmental practices and film production is new but there are already initiatives worth getting to know, taking into consideration and putting into practice. It’s not enough to denounce how man's actions are destroying the planet's resources and contributing to global warming (and cinema has a lot to say about this). Cinema can also lead by example and make productions in a way that is as respectful of resources and the environment as possible.

A meeting between short film distributors, short film distribution platforms and regional film agencies promoting an annual selection of short films will bring us up-to-date with the best marketing strategies to employ after completing a short film. 

The most authoritative voices on the subject will show us the steps to take to ensure short films gain all the attention they deserve. 

Lastly, a meeting of film festivals will discuss the latest trends on the current Spanish festival scene. For the first time this will be a practical meeting in pursuit of cooperation and synergies between competitions. Each festival will have an opportunity to present future projects in the interests of achieving cooperation between the film festivals; an extremely active and diverse collective. 

To sum up, over two morning sessions, ALCINE will move the images into the background and allow words to take centre stage.


Sábado 9 de noviembre. 11:00h. Antiguo Hospital Santa María la Rica. Salón de actos.


Moderado por Ana Galán

The fight against climate change requires us to change the way we do business. Audio- visual productions too, which must adapt to reduce emissions and have a res- pectful approach to the environment.

Sustainability and the environment, which until recently was just another theme of the content of audio-visual pro- ductions, are now part of film shoots, which are adopting greener practices that contribute to protecting our planet.

This round table will discuss how these practices that are already present in many major Hollywood shoots are being adopted by audio-visual productions in Spain. We will talk about the initiatives being set up in the country, how sustainable practices can be taken on board and suc- cess stories in other countries. We will also deliberate on the way in which environmental impacts on productions can be assessed. 


Sábado 9 de noviembre. 12:30h. Antiguo Hospital Santa María la Rica. Salón de actos.



Domingo 10 de noviembre. 11:00h. Antiguo Hospital Santa María la Rica. Salón de actos.

Meeting with distributors, agencies and viewing and registration platforms for short films Moderated by Jara Yáñez.

A good short film distribution strategy can have a decisive effect on the commercial life of a short film, for better or worse and for longer or shorter. Knowing how far the short film should go and where its potential lies in accordance with its profile and style, is often not considered or left until later. Various essential agents in the distribution of short films, representatives of regional governments who manage programmes selecting short films, various professional distributors and viewing and registration platforms are here for a lively and diverse meeting at which we will learn about the changes in and development of distribution models, and discover how to approach a good strategy to promote a short film as effectively as possible.

Domingo 10 de noviembre. 12:30h. Antiguo Hospital Santa María la Rica. Salón de actos.

Laboratory of cooperation between film festivals.Coordinated by Zulloark Collective.

Cooperation between festivals is not common in Spain. It could however be very rewarding and is worth exploring more. One of ALCINE’s challenges, now and in the future, is to continue to nurture the ecosystem on which it depends, a space constructed on meetings between many festivals whose mission is simply to promote the seventh art. On this occasion, we would like to bring together repre- sentatives from a large number of Spanish film festivals, not so much to debate, talk and share experiences, but more to see what we could achieve together, what margin or methods exist for cooperation, which we could build on in the near future. We would like to organise a cooperation laboratory, a working space in which any festival seeking support for its ideas has somewhere to go. So that we all have a chance to learn about the projects that are currently out there and can share and form part of them.



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