SHOOTING GREEN: Towards sustainable cinema


ALCINE 49 – From the 8th of November to the 8th o of December 2019 - Sala Antonio López del Antiguo Hospital de Santa María La Rica. Alcalá de Henares

Given the backdrop of the current climate emergency, working towards a new model of society, in which every field is more respectful and aware of our planet, is more urgent than ever. Since its origins, cinema has been an art form able to educate and to inspire a collective imagination while also constituting an industry which, globally, produces its own environmental footprint on our world.
At ALCINE we would like to reflect on, educate and spread the word on the topic, in a call to action that demonstrates changes can be introduced in the sector so that in the future we can continue to watch films in a world that it is worth living in.

To this end, the exhibition is divided into three spaces named after the orders given just before the camera begins to roll:


We are faced with environmental crisis, so what is the role played by cinema in all its facets? A series of posters are used to suggest a kind of road map to make shoots more sustainable, alongside another map to understand other initiatives occurring in our country in this area.


A screening room to exhibit some of the most important European short films relating to the climate issue. The educational power of cinema is undeniable, and there are many filmmakers who have decided to speak up about this global problem from a wide range of angles and perspectives.


An installation set up for the occasion in which we will be able to put into practice all the above through the recreation of an authentic shoot established artistically for this very occasion.


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