Sessions of animated short films for children in collaboration with schools at the Teatro-Salón Cervantes. Curated by ALCINE's youngest programmers.
Entire classrooms or children with their parents will have a very special and fun space, almost a festival of its own at their eye level, in this ALCINE Kids.

Screenings of short films for children:

- Saturday, 11th of November 17h ALCINE Kida (without booking, tickets at the box office) TICKETS
- Sunday, 12th of November 17h ANNECY Kids (without booking, tickets at the box office)  TICKETS

- Wednesday, 15th of November 10am (by arrangement with schools) *fully booked
- Tuesday, 21st of November 10am (by arrangement with schools) *fully booked

The activities are free of charge and will take place at the Teatro Salón Cervantes in Alcalá de Henares.

ALCINE Kids Workshop: Animated bumpers with César Tezeta
The universes of the illustrator and animator from Alcalá, César Tezeta, are populated by friendly and strange creatures. In this workshop for families, the little ones, with the help of their elders, will be able to make simple animations giving life to their own imaginary beings emulating different techniques of traditional animation that, depending on the age, will range from

from coloring images to animating cut-outs, tracing, etc.

And the best part: The following weekend, they will be able to see their work projected as a curtain raiser for ALCINE Kids at the Teatro Salón Cervantes.

César Tezeta is an illustrator and animator. With more than 10 years in the trade, this native of Alcalá has made drawings and animations for many clients around the world. His work includes magazine and album covers, movie posters, press illustration, music videos, animation for mobile games and motion graphics.

Aimed at: Families with little ones ages 6 to 12.
Sessions: Saturday, November 4 and Sunday, November 5. Individual sessions. 12-14h

Registration through the online form at the end of this page.

Max 15 children per session + accompanying adults.

Due to the organisation of the screenings for schools and workshops, it is essential to book through our online form.

Once we have received your application, we will send you a confirmation by e-mail as soon as possible.