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Language in Short Film: English

We are proud to present ALCINE airlines!
We all have a mother tongue, which we use and command without any need for prior study. We study language formally (morphology, syntax, etc.) when we go to school, when we can already talk perfectly. It seems clear therefore that the best way of learning a language is by listening to it, by inmersing oneself in it. That is why we are convinced cinema is an unbeatable vehicle for supporting the study of languages. Firstly because cinema gets you involved in a plot, a setting and dialogues; in short, it surrounds you with the spoken word of the protagonists. But also because the magic of celluloid makes us eager to learn how the stories end, it turns us into avid language learners without us even noticing. That is why, with support of Network Ireland & TV, the Institut Français and the Goethe Institute, ALCINE has become an airline once again this year. And there are three destinations to choose from. A selection of short films is available to students in English, French and German separated into a range of programmes in each of the languages, and we provide the oppoprtunity to increase your knowledge of the chosen language by listening and reading the subtitles in the same language. Audiences will therefore have a fun, exciting and interesting time by spending a few hours in Ireland, France or Germany without even having to leave their seats. So fasten your seatbelts, and get ready for takeoff and speeds of up to 24 images per second... Chocks away!