“Timecode” and “Ennemis Intérieurs”, two award winning shorts froms ALCINE46, nominated for the OSCAR®

“Timecode” and “Ennemis Intérieurs”, two award winning shorts froms ALCINE46, nominated for the OSCAR®

"Timecode", a spanish shortfilm directed by Juanjo Giménez, is one of the five nominated films for "Best Fictional Shortfilm" in Hollywood's award show The Oscars. In the las edition of ALCINE, the short received the public youth council award as well as third prize in National Competition. Since then it has received more than fifty international awards, including "la Palma de Oro" from the Cannes Festival. Juanjo Giménez is on of the longest running spanish shortfilm makers and has had various films showcased in other editions of ALCINE, including films such as "Rodilla", "Nitbus", "Máxima pena", and "Libre indirecto".

The last few years could not have been better for spanish shortfilms on an international level. Juanjo Giménez will be the sixth spanish director nominated in the fictinal shortfilm category, after Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Nacho Vigalondo, Javier Fesser, Borja Cobeaga, and Esteban Crespo. Since 2005, the last time a full length spanish film was nominated, there have been six shortilm nominations. One in the animation category: "La dama y la muerte", and five in the fictinal category: "7:35 de la mañana", "Binta y la gran idea", "Éramos pocos", "Aquel no era yo", and now "Timecode".

Also nominated in the category of "Best Fictional Shortfilm" is the first place winner of ALCINE's European Competition, "Ennemis Intérieurs". This film by Selim Azzizi is a claustrofobic drama that reopens old wounds between Algeria and France through a tense interrogation.

Another film from the ten finalists in the nomination process, but that was cut in the end, is "Graffiti" by Lluís Quílez. This film was presented in ALCINE's National competition and won the prize for best special effects.

The Oscars will be held on Febuary 26, 2017.

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