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The Language in Short Film activity is a programme of European short films in original version devised for foreign language students in secondary schools and the official language school. English, French and German are the three blocks of short films that can be watched with subtitles in the same language as in the original version of the short film.

The three blocks of Language in Short Film will be screened at different times in mornings and evenings on the 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th of November in the Teatro Salón Cervantes and the Corral de Comedias.


  • Friday 4th of November, 10.00h *fully booked
  • Monday 7th of November, 17.30h
  • Tuesday 8th of November, 17.30h *fully booked
  • Wednesday 9th of November 10.00h *fully booked
  • Thursday 10th of November, 10.00h *fully booked and 11.30h *fully booked
  • Thursday 17th of November, 10.00 *fully booked and 11.30h *fully booked

All the screenings will be held in the Teatro Salón Cervantes.


  • Friday 4th of November, 11.30h *fully booked
  • Monday 7 of November, 19.45h *cancelled
  • Wednesday 9th of November, 11.30h *fully booked

All the screenings will be held in the Teatro Salón Cervantes.


  • Wednesday 9th of November, 17.30h in the Corral de Comedias


We would also like to remind you of the festival section called Movies 4 Teens, a section aimed at young people at secondary schools around our region.

The Movies 4 Teens section is made up of a selection of short films that discuss themes and are of a quality which could be of interest to students and teachers, and therefore employed in classrooms as backup material in multidisciplinary areas and in the study of the language of film.

Screenings will be held in the Teatro Salón Cervantes

  • Tuesday 15th of November, 10.00h and 12.00h *fully booked
  • Wednesday 16th of November, 10.00h *fully booked and 12.00h *fully booked

  • The Movies 4 Teens screenings on Thursday 17th are replaced by Language in Short Films English screenings.

For the purposes of organization, in the event of being interested, we would be grateful if you could reserve places in any of the sections by the 30th of October, using our online form.


The complete programming will be available on the webpage of Alcine soon.

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