Ana Torres

With a degree in Economics and a PhD in Political Science, she changed the academic world for film distribution. After studying Film Criticism and Audiovisual Distribution at ECAM, she began her career at Golem Distribución. She has worked in different positions within the film industry -marketing, press, communication, production and programming- for independent distributors and film festivals. She currently works as Product Manager at the independent film distributor Elastica Films.


Joaquín León

Talents Andalusia of the ICAA at the Marché du Film de Cannes 2022 and 1st Prize Spanish Version SGAE for the short film 'Calor infinito'. He has been directing commercials and music videos since 2006, being a finalist in the MTV Awards. His musical career began in 2004 with different projects of the independent scene and currently produces electronic dance music and soundtracks.


José Gil

Graduated in Social Communication (UCAB), he specialized in audiovisual production (Ibermedia), cultural management (Universidad de Chile), film distribution and Film Business (ESCAC). He has developed his career between Venezuela, Chile and Spain, in the industry sections of the Malaga Film Festival - MAFIZ, the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival and La Mostra FIRE!!! in Barcelona.




Elisa Victoria

She has published the novels Otaberra (Blackie Books, 2023), Vozdevieja (Blackie Books, 2019), El Evangelio (Blackie Books 2021) and the books El quicio (Bruguera, 2021), Porn & Pains (Esto no es Berlín, 2013) and La sombra de los pinos (Esto no es Berlín, 2018). Her work has been translated into several languages and reviewed in The New York Times, The Guardian, Granta or Babelia. She has collaborated in a multitude of media such as Tentaciones, Vogue, El Salto, Verne, Kiwi, Vice or La nueva carne.


María Herrera

Goya for best fiction short film as producer of Leon Siminiani's ARQUITECTURA EMOCIONAL 1959, part of the BAFTA Newcomers program, thanks to a grant from La Caixa, she is studying screenwriting and directing in New York. She is currently working as a screenwriter and director on two short films, two feature films and several series projects. Previously she worked in the production company Avalon where she developed projects such as "Libertad" by Clara Roquet, or "Alcarrás" by Carla Simó.


Matías G. Rebolledo
A graduate in Journalism and International Relations, he currently works as a film critic and editor of the Culture section for the newspaper La Razón, in addition to collaborating with media such as El Orden Mundial. He previously worked in the editorial offices of El Mundo, ABC and Agencia EFE. He is a member of the non-fiction selection committee at the AICE Feroz Awards, a jury member at the Forqué Awards and participated in the Cinezeta cycle of young programmers in 2022.