Yeast Infection

España. 1999. . 20 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Ramón Salazar.
  • Scriptwriter: Ramón Salazar.
  • Cast: Enrique Alcides; Mónica Cervera; Jaime Chávarri; Antonia San Juan.
  • Cinematography: Fernando Fernández.
  • Editing: Marta Salas.
  • Art director: Inés Aparicio; Marina Hernáiz; Carlos Zaragoza.
  • Sound: Daniel Peña.
  • Producer: Koldo Zuazua.

Marisa Martínez, after having left her boyfriend two years ago, sleeps with him again. As a result a group of situations will take place and will make the city and her life crack her up.

  • Awards
    PREMIO CANAL PLUS | Edición 29 1999

    Ramón Salazar

    Ramón Salazar (Málaga, 1973) is a film director. He graduated from the Superior School of Dramatic Art in his hometown, specializing in acting, and then studied cinematography in Madrid. He wrote and directed his debut feature 'Piedras' at the age of 29 and competed in the Official Selection of the Berlinale 2002 with directors such as Robert Altman, Costa-Gavras, Wes Anderson, François Ozon and Kim-Ki Duk. He totally changes genre for his second feature film. In '20 centimeters' he explores the musical genre with an extravagant transsexual with a big heart who suffers from narcolepsy and whose musical dreams contrast with his gray and depressing life. Over the years, as a screenwriter, he has worked on projects by other directors. In 2002 he collaborated on the script for 'Anmesia' by Oscar-winning director Gabrielle Salvatores. He recently wrote the screen adaptation of the best-sellers by the Italian Federico Moccia: '3 Meters above the Sky" becomes the highest grossing film of 2010. He has been nominated for a Goya in the category of Best New Director for his debut film.

     "Vis a vis" (2019) / "Élite" (2018) / "La enfermedad del domingo" (2018) / "10.000 noches en niguna parte" (2011) / "20 centimentros" (2005) / "Piedras" (2002) / "Hongos" (1999)