For(r)est in the Des(s)ert

España. 2006. Color. 12 min. Ficción. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Luiso Berdejo.
  • Scriptwriter: Luiso Berdejo.
  • Cast: Junio Valverde.
  • Cinematography: Luiso Berdejo; David Tudela.
  • Editing: Luiso Berdejo.
  • Sound: Álvaro López.
  • Animation: Jorge Rojas Menéndez.
  • Producer: Luiso Berdejo.

Forrest doesn't live here anymore.

  • Awards
  • PRIMER PREMIO "CIUDAD DE ALCALÁ" | Edición 36 2006

    Luiso Berdejo

    Luiso Berdejo was born in San Sebastián in 1975. After writing and directing several successful short films, in 2007 he moved to Los Angeles, where he directed his first feature film, 'The New Daughter' (2009), starring Kevin Costner. He combines directing and writing feature films, including hits such as the '[REC]' franchise. He has also written or co-written the scripts for 'Films for not sleeping: Christmas story"'(2005), by Paco Plaza, 'Quarantine' (2008), by John Erick Dowdle, 'Imago mortis' (2009), by Stefano Bessoni, 'The cartel of the toads"'(2011), by Carlos Moreno, 'Insensibles' (2012), by Juan Carlos Medina, or 'Tres60' (2013), by Alejandro Ezcurdia. 'Violet' is his second feature film.

    "Violet" (2009) / "La otra hija" (2009) / "Limoncello! (2007) / "For(r)est in the des(s)ert" (2006) / "La guerra" (2005) / "... ya no puede caminar" (2001)