España. 2022. Color. 4 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Manuel Román Sierra.
  • Scriptwriter: Eli Herrera; Manuel Román Sierra.
  • Cast: Alexis Hernández; Eli Herrera.
  • Cinematography: Manuel Román Sierra.
  • Editing: Manuel Román Sierra.
  • Sound: Manuel Román Sierra.
  • Producer: Eli Herrera; Manuel Román Sierra.

As night falls, someone looks out over the city. Lights flicker, people go home and a tram passes by until in a frame life stops.

Manuel Román Sierra

He started in still photography at UFCA in his native Algeciras. In 1998 he moved to Madrid and started directing photography at the ECAM. Shortly after he made the leap to television as part of the directing team of the series "Policías, en el corazón de la calle". For 14 years he was a film teacher and head of studies at the Metrópolis Film Academy, a period that he combined with his work in film and television.

Also noteworthy is his work in post-production for television projects such as SUPERVILLANOS or CUENTA ATRÁS. With great experience in Avid and Premiere, he has edited multi-awarded short films such as LIBBY, SÁJARA, A LOS QUE GRITAN, LATEX PUPPEN and TROPEZONES. In 2015 he co-wrote the feature film "De Ciervos y Otros Animales Muertos" for the production company La Página en Blanco films, and made the leap to directing with the medium-length film "Jota".