Girl Friends

España. 2021. Color. 90 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Carol Rodríguez Colás.
  • Scriptwriter: Marina Rodríguez Colás.
  • Cast: Elisabet Casanovas ; Ángela Cervantes; Carolina Yuste; Vicky Luengo.
  • Cinematography: Juan Carlos Lausín.
  • Editing: Pablo Barce.
  • Art director: Lucía Dávila.
  • Music: Francesc Gener; Claudia Torrente.
  • Sound: Natxo Ortúzar.
  • Producer: Miguel Torrente.

Marta will be reunited with Desi, Soraya and Bea, her inseparable childhood friends, and will soon find herself catapulted back into their authentic, tragicomic friendship. Being back together again will force them to face up to the teenagers they once were and the women they now want to become. Almost without realizing, they will help each other make some of the most important decisions of their lives. Despite the passing of time and how different they all are now, the power of their friendship is the one constant they can all rely on and the thing that matters to them the most.

Carol Rodríguez Colás

Graduated in Audiovisual Communication, Carol Rodríguez Colás is a film and television director born in Cornellá de Llobregat (Barcelona). She has written and directed shorts and documentaries and, recently, her first movie 'Chavalas'.

''Chavalas'' (2021) / ''La vella lluita'' (2020) / ''Superchavalas'' (2017) / ''Vella Rosario'' (2015) / ''Raval, Pla de Fugida'' (2013) / ''Una comedia romántica'' (2012)

Biznaga de Plata-Premio del Público Flixolé, Premio Asecán a Mejor Ópera Prima y Premio Movistar+ a Mejor Película por ''Chavalas'', Festival de Málaga (España) 2021