The Art of Returning

España. 2020. Color. 91 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Pedro Collantes.
  • Scriptwriter: Pedro Collantes; Daniel Remón.
  • Cast: Celso Bugallo; Macarena García; Ingrid García Jonsson; Mireia Oriol; Luka Peros; Nacho Sánchez.
  • Cinematography: Diego Cabezas.
  • Editing: Pedro Collantes.
  • Art director: Lorena Puerto.
  • Music: Yuri Méndez.
  • Producer: Daniel Remón.

Naomi is a young actress who returns home after six years in New York to attend an audition that could change her career. During the first 24 hours in Madrid, Noemí has a series of meetings and farewells that teach her to appreciate the ups and downs of life and help her rethink her past, her future and her place in the world.

Pedro Collantes

Pedro was born in Madrid. He was educated as an editor and studied Film History. Pedro studied a master's at the Netherlands Film Academy. He has worked as an editor in Spain, Belgium and Norway. His short films have been selected in numerous international film festivals, including Rotterdam IFFR, Uppsala, Encounters or Palm Springs. His work has received several awards, it has been shown on TV in Spain, Germany and Sweden, as well as screened in theaters in Spain and the Netherlands. With 'Ato San Nen' he was selected for the French César in 2019. 'El arte de volver' is his first feature film.

"Ato San Nen" (2018) / "Off Ice" (2017) / "Nothing Stranger" (2016) / "Serori" (2014) / "Eskiper" (2012) / "Hourglass" (2012) / "15 Veranos después" (2011) / "La vida en un minuto" (2011)


  • · 11/10/2020 - 18:30 at Teatro Salón Cervantes