España. 2020. Color. 100 min. Ficción. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Pilar Palomero.
  • Scriptwriter: Pilar Palomero.
  • Cast: Natalia de Molina; Andrea Fandós; Carlota Gurpegui; Francesca Piñón; Julia Sierra.
  • Cinematography: Daniela Cajías.
  • Music: Juan Carlos Naya.

Year 1992. Celia, an 11-year-old girl, lives with her mother and studies at a nuns' school in Zaragoza. Brisa, a new classmate just arrived from Barcelona, pushes her towards a new stage in her life: adolescence. On this trip, in the Spain of the Expo and the 1992 Olympics, Celia discovers that life is made up of many truths and some lies.


Pilar Palomero

Pilar Palomero was born in Zaragoza, a city where she continues her life base and from which she moves to carry out her cinematographic projects. She studied at the University of Zaragoza and at the School of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts of the Province of Madrid, ECAM, where she graduated in 2006 as a cinematographer. She works as a writer and scriptwriter for film and audiovisuals. She was also a professor in those same specialties, writing and directing of scripts. In 2013 she moved to Bosnia and Herzegovina and studied a Master in Film Direction at the Film Factory in 2013, directed by the Hungarian filmmaker Béla Tarr in the city of Sarajevo. She begins to make shorts, documentaries, essays, together with directors like Carla Simón in Generation Kplus.