Girl Meets Boy

Alemania. 2020. Color. 30 min. Ficción. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Ferdinand Arthuber.
  • Scriptwriter: Ferdinand Arthuber.
  • Cast: Carlo Ljubek; Franziska Weisz.
  • Cinematography: Lorenz Weissfuss.
  • Editing: Ana de Mier y Ortuño.
  • Art director: Ferdinand Arthuber.
  • Music: Boris Bojadzhiev.
  • Sound: Tim Kehle.
  • Producer: Leon Hellmann; Max Traub.

Gwen meets Ben. They start a game. Are they willing to exhibit what is behind their masks?

Ferdinand Arthuber

Ferdinand Arthuber was born in 1984 in Munich. During his studies at HFF Munich he participated in the advertising masterclass and worked as an author and director for several production companys. 'Girl Meets Boy' is his graduation film.