España. 2018. Color. 75 min. Ficción. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Álex Montoya.
  • Scriptwriter: Juli Disla; Jaume Pérez.
  • Cast: Jordi Aguilar; Marta Belenguer; Sergio Caballero; Greta Fernández; Nacho Fresneda; Francesc Garrido; María Juan; Lorena López; Juan Mandli; Cristina Plazas; Pablo Sánchez; Jorge Silvestre.
  • Cinematography: Guillem Oliver.
  • Editing: Álex Montoya.
  • Music: Tórtel .; Jordi Sapena.
  • Producer: Óscar Bernàcer; Joana Martinez; Iván Martínez-Rufat.

It is the last meeting before summer and Josep wants the draft of the concert to be approved at all costs. Those affected try to reach an agreement so as not to delay the deadlines. All together, respecting both the ideological plurality and the speaking turns... if that is possible. The key is on the nuances. A proposal that questions the concept of participation itself with a sense of humor.

Álex Montoya

Architecture Major and self-taught filmmaker. His short works treasure more than 170 prizes and several hundred festival selections both national and international. Amongst them his Goya Nomination in 2014 for his short film 'Lucas' and a Special Mention in Sundance 2010 for his short film 'Cómo conocí a tu padre' stand out. Works as those aforementioned as well as others as 'Marina' or 'Maquillaje' have earned prizes in the main Spanish festivals, such as Málaga, Versión Española SGAE, Alcaine, Cinema Jove, Huelva, Almería en corto, MECAL, L’Alternativa, Medina del Campo, Aguilar de Campoo, Cortogenia, Badajoz, FIBABC, Curtficcions, PNR, Curtocircuito, La Boca del Lobo, Lleida, Abycine, Gijón o San Sebastián.

“Lucas” (2019) / "Asamblea" (2018) / “Insuficiente” (2017) / “Vampiro” (2016) / “Lucas” (2012) / “Maquillaje” (2011) / “Marina” (2010) / “Cómo conocí a tu padre” (2008) / “Abimbowé” (2008) / “El punto ciego” (2005) / “Gris” (2003) / “Si quieres puedes” (2002) / “Te quiero” (2002)