You Are My Movie

España. 2019. Color. 98 min. Documental. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Carlo Padial.
  • Scriptwriter: Carlos de Pando ; Carlos de Diego; Carlo Padial; Ismael Prego .
  • Cast: Joaquín Albero ; David Cajal ; Ismael Prego ; María Rubio .
  • Cinematography: Marcos Marín Toribio; David Cajal ; Diego Dussuel.
  • Editing: Jaume Martí .
  • Sound: Agost Alustiza .
  • Producer: Adrián Peña Tamayo; Ismael Prego .

In 2018, Wismichu, a famous youtuber, made a performance that planted chaos in the hall at the Sitges Film Festival. An hour and twenty of a single scene repeated in loop. The movie, called 'Bocadillo', was considered an epic trolley, and shook what we understand by cinema. 'Vosotros sois mi película' is the story behind the scandal. A documentary full of shocking moments that accompanies Wismichu during the process of creating the most daring sociological experiment ever produced in Spain. A documentary that composes a generational portrait and highlights the erosion of truth in the digital era.

Carlo Padial

Carlo Padial (Barcelona, 1977) is a film director, screenwriter, and writer. Author of fiction series, reports and documentaries on BTV and viral videos in El Periódico de Catalunya, PlayGround, APM? and Dinamita, from TV3, and Late Motiv by Andreu Buenafuente, among other media. With his producer, The Pioneers of the 21st Century, he was one of the ideologists of low cost cinema. In 2017 he made the leap to commercial cinema with the movie “Something very Fat”, starring Berto Romero and produced by Zeta Cinema. He has been video director of the Zeta Group.

"Algo muy gordo" (2017) / "Taller Capuchoc" (2014) / "Mi loco Erasmus" (2012)