<3 (PICO 3)

<3 (Pico 3)

España. 2018. Color. 65 min. Documental. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: María Antón Cabot.
  • Scriptwriter: Marina Maesso.
  • Cast: Clementina Gades.
  • Editing: María Antón Cabot.
  • Producer: María Antón Cabot; Carlos Pardo Ros.

A hot day in the Retiro. Romantic love, fidelity, relationships and sexual identity are some of the themes discussed with various young people and adolescents, in a series of conversations in which each protagonist, each physiognomy, opinion and expression is a discovery that adds layers of emotion and significance to the whole. And so the day slips by, calmly and with observational acuity, in a clarifying and surprising investigation into the future of love.

María Antón Cabot

María is a filmmaker that in 2009 establishes the film collective lacasinegra that works on the experimentation with new visual formats and devices. In 2013 she directs, with lacasinegra, the film, 'Pas à Genève' that premieres in several festival. As editor and screenwriter she worked in 'When We Were Wild' (2016) that was premiered in international festivals such as Edinburgh Film Festival (Edinburgh, Scotland), Ethnocineca (Vienna, Austria) or Novos Cinemas (Pontevedra, Spain) and Alcances (Cádiz, Spain) where it won the grand prize. With 'El cielo en la tierra' she has been granted the Residency of the Film Academy. 

"Pas à Genève" (2013) / "El Racó" (2010)