Julio Iglesias’s House

España. 2018. Blanco/negro. 12 min. Experimental. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Natalia Marín Sancho.
  • Scriptwriter: Natalia Marín Sancho.
  • Cinematography: Natalia Marín Sancho.
  • Editing: Natalia Marín Sancho.
  • Producer: Natalia Marín Sancho.

In 2001, the Shanghai municipality tried to build a replica of Spain. When they began to consider the questions: 'What is Spain like? What does a Spanish house look like?' The architects immediately replied: 'Spain means Julio Iglesias'.

Natalia Marín Sancho

Natalia Marín Sancho (Zaragoza, 1982) is a videoartist and teacher. She studied Audiovisual Communication at the UCM and completed her studies at the ECAM. In 2008 she fouded together with Javier Fenández Vázquez and Luis López Carrasco the audiovisual collective 'Los hijos'. Their work was screened at many international festivals.

"New Madrid" (2016) / "Los materiales" (2010)