After Mary

España. 2019. Color. 26 min. Documental. .
  • Film Director: Nagore Eceiza Mugica.
  • Scriptwriter: Nerea Aginako; Nagore Eceiza Mugica; Patricia Ponce.
  • Cinematography: Iñaki Gorraiz.
  • Editing: Nagore Eceiza Mugica.
  • Sound: Mikel Krutzaga.
  • Producer: Haurralde Fundazioa.

On September 20, 2017, an event revealed an uncomfortable reality in Puerto Rico. Capitalist politics had left the island defenseless against climate change and the first climate refugees emerge.

Nagore Eceiza Mugica

Nagore works as director, editor, DoP and colorist since 2013 under the name of El Santo Films for communication agencies, NGDOs and final clients. Very identified with the social documentary genre as an educational tool, she has participated in film productions in Paris, Algeria, Israel, Ethiopia, Angola, Mozambique, Mexico, India and Puerto Rico.

"Fifty Rupees Only" (2016) / "Larre Motzean" (2015)


  • · 11/13/2019 - 21:00 at Corral de Comedias