Watermelon Juice

España. 2019. Color. 22 min. Ficción. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Irene Moray.
  • Scriptwriter: Irene Moray.
  • Cast: Irene Contreras; Max Grosse; Elena Martín; Bàrbara Mestanza; Pol Nubiala; Sergi Vilà.
  • Cinematography: Irene Moray.
  • Editing: Ana Pfaff.
  • Music: Nico Roig.
  • Sound: Xavi Saucedo.
  • Producer: Gerard Marginedas; Miriam Porté.

With the support of Pol, in the midst of nature, between tears and laughter, Barbara will heal old wounds and redefine her sexuality.

Irene Moray

Irene Moray is a photographer and filmmaker from Barcelona. In 2012 she moved to Berlin, where she worked for several brands and publications as well as collaborated with the performance collective the--family and directed her first fiction short film: 'Bad Lesbian'. After 4 years she moved back to her hometown where she keeps working for a wide range of clients as well as enjoying the sunshine.

"Bad Lesbian" (2018)


  • · 11/10/2019 - 19:45 at Teatro Salón Cervantes