The Common Space

Francia. 2018. Color. 10 min. Experimental. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Raphaële Bezin.
  • Scriptwriter: Raphaële Bezin.
  • Editing: Raphaële Bezin.
  • Music: José Cué.
  • Sound: Homero Gonzalez; Andrés Padilla Domene.
  • Animation: Raphaële Bezin.
  • Producer: Raphaële Bezin.

It is not a landscape. It is not a modern city. It is a city of ruins, wonderful, that produces nothing. Built with cutted, distorted and superimposed images extracted from the collective imaginary of cinema. It is a microcosm. A layered document containing evidence of urban and filmic evolution.

Raphaële Bezin

Born in 1987, in Paris. After acquiring a Master of Research in Fine Arts, she joins the National School of Arts in Paris - Cergy. She then enters Le Fresnoy in 2014. Her work has been presented in exhibitions in places such as the Palais de Tokyo, MAC/VAL, Le BAL, CAIRN Centre d’Art.


  • · 11/09/2019 - 19:45 at Corral de Comedias