Hard On

Suecia. 2019. Color. 20 min. Experimental. .
  • Film Director: Joanna Rytel.
  • Scriptwriter: Joanna Rytel.
  • Cast: Rosie Alm; Karin Drake; Elektra Hedin; Seamus O’Donnel; Adrian Popesco.
  • Cinematography: Lisabi Fridell.
  • Editing: Joanna Rytel.
  • Producer: Helene Granqvist; Joanna Rytel.

Secretly she is filming everything. In a surreal apartment a cougar, a guest, a child and promises of a dog if the child plays along.

Joanna Rytel

Joanna was born 1974 in Warszaw, Poland and studied at University of Art, Konstfack in Stockholm, University of Photo and Film in Göteborg and at Domens Artschool in Göteborg.

"Hard On" (2019) / "Stay Ups" (2017) / "Moms On Fire" (2016) / "Me Seal, Baby" (2013)


  • · 11/08/2019 - 22:30 at Teatro Salón Cervantes