Riga's Lilac

Francia. 2019. Color. 14 min. Animación. .
  • Film Director: Lizete Upite.
  • Scriptwriter: Lizete Upite.
  • Cinematography: Lizete Upite.
  • Editing: Lizete Upite.
  • Sound: Loïc Burkhardt.
  • Animation: Lizete Upite.
  • Producer: Sabine Andersone; Richard Van den Boom.
  • Co-production: Letonia

What is an unpleasant body odor and would it be possible to forbid it in public places?

Lizete Upite

Born in 1987, Lizete is an animation film director from Latvia. In 2013, after finishing school of directing animation La Poudrière in France, Lizete has been working on several animation projects and directed her two animation short films 'Night Walks' and 'Riga’s Lilac'.

"Night Walks" (2018)