Find a Harbor for one Day

Francia. 2018. Color. 25 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Paul Marques Duarte.
  • Scriptwriter: Marilyne Brulé.
  • Cinematography: Yann Maritaud.
  • Editing: Aurélien Manya.
  • Art director: Isabelle Milbeau.
  • Special Effects: Sylvain Coisne.
  • Producer: Thomas Guentch.
  • Co-production: Alemania

Adèle, an English teacher, spontaneously lets a young 15 years old migrant illegally board a ferry for England with her class.

Paul Marques Duarte

Very young he felt the need to take a camera and tell stories in different genre and styles. Along with his cinema studies at the university of Rennes 2 then at the Sorbonne, Paris, he wrote and
directed several self produced short films. 'Harbor' is his first film produced in a professional setting.

"Sauver sa peau" (2018) / "Louis dans tous les sens" (2018) / "I Love London" (2017) / "Je suis un Homme" (2015) / "L'émotionnerie" (2015)