España. 2018. . 60 min. Documental. .
  • Film Director: Jonás Trueba.
  • Editing: Marta Velasco.
  • Producer: Javier Lafuente; Lorena Tudela.

Candela and Pablo are the origen of this project, so they will be forever our eternall beginners. We stop within them and we take the risk to imagine some of their amorous adventures and existencial doubts, in a piece which in reality is two although they work like reflecting one to the other. 

Jonás Trueba

Jonas Trueba is screenwriter, director and author. He combines the cinema with teaching and is since 2013 part of the team Cine en Curso, a pedagogic cinema project and collaborating with cinema in educational centers. Quien lo impide is his latest project, a cinematographic approach to young adolescents of today which is presented in different pieces and also an ongoing film.

"Los exiliados románticos" (2015) / "Los exiliados románticos" (2015) / "Los ilusos" (2013)/ "Miniaturas" (2011) / "Todas las canciones hablan de mí" (2010) / "Pienso a menudo en ti" (2007)  / "Cero en conciencia" (2000)