España. 2018. Color. 10 min. Ficción. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Gerard Vidal Cortés.
  • Scriptwriter: Gerard Vidal Cortés.
  • Cast: Larbi Ajbar; Said Chatiby.
  • Cinematography: Pepe Gay.
  • Editing: Oriol Milán.
  • Art director: Carlota González-Adrio.
  • Music: Raúl del Castillo; Marlon Rodriguez.
  • Sound: Roger Navarro.
  • Producer: Javier de la Llave.

Every year, thousands of people coming from Africa try to reach Spain in desperate and dangerous journeys across the Mediterranean. Tariq is a young Moroccan who works for a mafia that organises these illegal journeys. His job is to carry immigrants in a dinghy across the strait and not getting caught. But every trip might be the last one.

Gerard Vidal Cortés

Born in Barcelona,1994. He graduated in Film and Audiovisual Media, specializing in directing at the ESCAC in 2018. He wrote, realized and collaborated in manz audiovisual projects inside as well as outside of the university. He wrote and directed 'Tahrib' as his graduation project. During the last year of university he co-directed a collective feature film called 'La filla d'algú' which was realized within the frame of university.