May Day

Bélgica. 2017. Color. 22 min. Ficción. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Frederik De Beul; Olivier Magis.
  • Scriptwriter: Frederik De Beul; Javier Lopez; Olivier Magis.
  • Cast: Simon André; Viktor Biserov; Chokri Ben Chikha; Mathieu Debaty; Thierry Hellin; Lydia Indjova; Bess Limani; Javier López; Catherine Salée; Joren Seldeslachts; Manou Tahon; Nourredine Zerrad.
  • Cinematography: Jean-François Metz.
  • Editing: Thibaut Verly.
  • Sound: Jean-François Levillain.
  • Producer: Marie Besson.

In Thierry’s living room, several people have gathered. None of them know each other but they are all there to try and fulfil the same dream. They want to find a job… and quickly. But we’re in Brussels, so nothing goes quite as planned.

Frederik De Beul

Born 1976, he graduated at the Higher National Institute of Performing Arts of Brussels in 2003. After working as a production assistant and later production manager on international documentary coproductions, he became a language and film teacher, and then started to direct short fictions.

''Août 1914'' (2014) / ''Kong aan zee'' (2006)

Olivier Magis

Olivier Magis is a Belgian filmmaker who directed author documentaries which were screened and awarded in international film festivals. He has also directed TV documentaries that were broadcast on public televisions (ARTE, VRT, RTBF). In addition, he teaches stage direction and documentary in High Schools in Brussels.

''Les Fleurs de l'Ombre'' (2014) / ''ION'' (2013) / ''Le Secret des Dieux'' (2004)