My Beloved, The Mountains

Suiza. 2017. Color. 24 min. Ficción. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Alberto Martín Menacho.
  • Scriptwriter: Alberto Martín Menacho.
  • Cast: Juan Luis González Vinagre; Martin Haut Contreras; Cristina Narciso González.
  • Cinematography: Diego Cabezas.
  • Editing: Antonio Trullén.
  • Art director: Sabrina Fernández Casas.
  • Music: Rosalía & Raül Refree.
  • Sound: David Pérez Ruiz.
  • Special Effects: Silvia Sánchez.
  • Producer: Jean Perret.
  • Co-production: España

A village and its mountainous lands with past and present rites, in which legends and green oaks cohabit. From life to death, from childhood to adulthood. A cycle that starts with vultures and their rituals.

  • Awards
  • TROFEO ALCINE AL MEJOR MONTAJE - Antonio Trullén | Edición 48 2018

    Alberto Martín Menacho

    Born in 1986 in Madrid. He studied Visual Arts at Geneva School of Art and Design. His works have been presented in art centers, museums and international film festivals, such as Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Entrevues in Belfort or the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

    "La Chevalière" (2016) / "Pata negra" (2015)