In a Nutshell

Suiza. 2017. Color. 5 min. Animación. .
  • Film Director: Fabio Friedli.
  • Cast: Joder von Rotz.
  • Editing: Joder von Rotz.
  • Art director: Joder von Rotz.
  • Music: Fabio Friedli.
  • Special Effects: Sebastian Willener.
  • Animation: Lukas Pulver; Ramon Schoch; Joder von Rotz.
  • Producer: Lukas Pulver; Ramon Schoch.

From a seed to war, from meat to love, from indifference to apocalypse. An attempt to capture the world in a nutshell.

Fabio Friedli

He was born 1986 in Bern, Switzerland. He studied at the HSLU (Lucerne University, Design & Art) Animation department from 2008 to 2011. Since 2009 he is active as a freelance filmmaker and musician active.

"Sunday" (2014) / "Bon Voyage" (2011) / "Animal Kingdom" (2010) / "Baka!!" (2010) / "Homeland" (2010)