Reino Unido. 2014. Color. 14 min. Documental. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Enrique Verdugo.
  • Cinematography: Enrique Verdugo.
  • Editing: Enrique Verdugo.
  • Sound: Amadou Fall.
  • Producer: Amadou Fall; Inge Laursen.
In the last decade thousands of immigrants have left their homes all around the globe. Betting their lives on a perilous journey across the seas, on precarious vessels, hoping for landfall in a prosperous place. This film reflects on the 'Migration Bubble', on anonymous people, places, sound and light.

Enrique Verdugo
Enrique was born in Chile. He lives and works in London. In his youth, he moved to the Atacama Desert for two years and was deeply changed by the mystical experience. In 1991, his passion for the arts and literature made him return to Santiago, Chile, to pursue his photography studies at the Arcos Institute. In 1994, having received an award for his black and white documentary photography, he began to work as a photographer. In 1999 he travelled to Slovenia and lived in Ljubljana, working in a photography studio. He relocated to London in 2001, where he has developed as photographer and filmmaker. His practice deals with the human body and its habitat, man as an individual living in a complex environment. From a studio based approach, influences from news imagery, environmental issues, and natural resources have led him to interact more intently with context and locations, producing more work on site, sometimes using props and models to create mise-en-scène, fictional or disrupted narratives.
"Elinkine" (2015) / "Broken Compass" (2014)