Noruega. 2014. Color. 25 min. Ficción. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Kaveh Tehrani.
  • Scriptwriter: Hilde Susan Jægtnes; Kaveh Tehrani.
  • Cinematography: Sveinung Ryan.
  • Editing: Christian Siebenherz.
  • Music: Diskjokke .
  • Sound: Morten Solum.
  • Producer: Annika Summerson.
After a long absence Victor reunites with his girlfriend and goes on holiday, but he soon discovers that he is unable to cope with his recent experiences. His friends arrive for a night of partying - during that night something happens that leaves Victor with a difficult decision. 8363 Norwegian soldiers have fought in the war in Afghanistan. 'Victor' is a film about one of them.

Kaveh Tehrani
Kaveh holds a Bachelor's Degree in film and literary sciences from the University of Oslo, in addition to one year of studies at the European Film College in Denmark. He made his fiction film debut with the short '1994' in 2010, which has been screened at numerous international festivals.