Make Love!

Francia. 2013. Color. 11 min. Ficción. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Tomer Sisley.
  • Scriptwriter: Tomer Sisley.
  • Cast: Margot Bancilhon; Vincent Heneine.
  • Cinematography: Tom Stern.
  • Editing: Christophe Pinel.
  • Sound: Yvan Dacquay.
  • Producer: Dominique Besnehard; Michel Feller; Antoine Le Carpentier.

Margot and Vincent, two actors, have to play a love scene. But the line between acting and reality is thin, at least as much as the one between love and hate. It's up to them to give it a try.

Tomer Sisley
Tomer started his career acting in several series as Highlander or Studio Sud. In 1999, he participated in Talents of Cannes. Humourist, he received in 2003 the Revelation Award at the Montréal Juste pour Rire Festival where he acted his show in English. He's renowned for having introduced the stand-up in France. In 2008, he interpreted Largo Winch in the homonym film and came back to this role for the second part released in 2011.


  • · 11/08/2019 - 22:30 at Teatro Salón Cervantes