The Wedding

España. 2012. Color. 12 min. Ficción. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Marina Seresesky.
  • Scriptwriter: Marina Seresesky.
  • Cast: Yailene Sierra.
  • Cinematography: Roberto Fernández.
  • Editing: Julio Salvatierra.
  • Art director: Clara Notari.
  • Music: Mariano Marín.
  • Sound: Willy Solana.
  • Producer: Álvaro Lavín Martín.

Mirta is from Cuba and she lives in Madrid. Like many other immigrants she works cleaning. Today at 6 pm, her daughter gets married. But nothing goes as she planned. To arrive at that wedding will be more difficult than expected.

Marina Seresesky

Marina was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1969. She develops her career as an actress and director of cinema and theater. Her latest short film, 'El cortejo', has been selected in more than 350 national & international film festivals, receiving more than 100 prizes, and being preselected for the Spanish Academy Goya Awards.

"Lo nunca visto" (2019) / "Una nueva vida" (2017) / "La puerta abierta" (2016) / "Madres, 0’15 el minuto" (2011) / "El cortejo" (2010)