Where, when, how much


The headquarters of the Festival

Press office, exhibition, workshops, conferences, video-library, meeting point and place... all in the same building!

We will be in the Calle Santa María la Rica, 3 (alongside the Calle Empecinado)

  • The 4th to the 6th from 10h to 14h and from 16h to 20h.
  • From the 7th to the 11th from 11h to 14h and from 16h to 20h.

The screening theatres

  • The Teatro Salón Cervantes (Calle Cervantes, s/n – 918 822 497)
  • The Corral de Comedias (Plaza de Cervantes, 15 – 918 771 950)


How to arrive?

From the Renfe – Cercanías railway station

There are three stops in Alcalá. To get to the centre of the city, the best idea is to get off the train in “Alcalá de Henares”.

When you are in the station, you will see two exits: one in front of you and one to your left; take the left-hand exit.

Walk 10 metres down the street and take the first turning on the right (Paseo de la Estación); this is a long avenue you have to walk all the way along to the end.

The street ends at a roundabout with a petrol station on the left. Keep going straight ahead, and when you are in the next street with the roundabout behind you, turn right (by the Law Faculty Facultad de Derecho) and walk to the Plaza de Cervantes along the Calle Libreros.

When you reach the Plaza, the Corral de Comedias is easy to find, because it is next to McDonalds in the arcade. If you want to go to the Teatro Salón Cervantes, carry straight on along the Calle Libreros and after walking past the Plaza de Cervantes and now in the Calle Mayor, take the first street on the right. It is just ten minutes walk!

From the bus station

The best and quickest line to Alcalá is the 223, from the Avenida de América bus station. You get off at the end of the line at the last stop.

When you reach Alcalá, you are very close to the centre of the city. Walk along the Avenida de Guadalajara until you reach the Law Faculty.

Keep walking straight ahead along the Calle Libreros to reach the Plaza Cervantes. Once there, the Corral de Comedias is next to McDonalds in the arcade.

If you want to go to the Teatro Salón Cervantes, continue walking along the street to leave the Plaza Cervantes behind you and in the Calle Mayor take the first street on the right.

Just 5 minutes walk!

By car to Alcalá

Take the A2 until you get to exit 23.

You then join the M300.

Pass the first roundabout and go straight on.

Pass under the next roundabout through a tunnel, and at the next close to the centre, take the first exit slightly towards the left.

You will now see the Puerta de Madrid and after passing through it, your objective is to find somewhere to park. We recommend the Pico del Obispo free car park, which is 100 metres after the Puerta de Madrid, along the Calle Cardenal Sandoval.


ALCINE is held from the 4th to the 11th of November.
You can see the all the programming soon.

How much?

Ticket sales

  • Price: 3 €
  • Alcine Club Members: 1 €
  • Alcine Kids: 1 €
  • Golfomaratón Comedy Show: 1 €
  • Concert Orquestra Ciudad de Alcalá: 5 €
  • Short Matters: Free entrance
  • Alsonic (Tulsa): to define

Advance ticket sales in Ticketea and in the Teatro Salón Cervantes (for all sections).

Tickets are also sold the same day as screenings in the theatre in question (Teatro Salón Cervantes or Corral de Comedias). Ticket offices open an hour before the first screening.

Audience Jury

If you are part of the audience jury, you can get free entry to the sections for which you applied for cards: EuroPass, National Competition or Open Screen (while tickets last).

When you exchange your card at the ticket office, you will be given a voting paper on which to score the short and/or feature films from 1 to 5.

There is a ballot box at the disposal of the audience next to the exit so they can deposit their votes.

Professional accreditations

Professional accreditations applied for on the web can be taken out in our press office from the 4th of November.
Before the screening starts, exchange for a ticket in the ticket office (while tickets last).

 1. Oficina de prensa
2. Teatro Salón Cervantes
3. Corral de Comedias
4. Oficina de Alcine
5. Estación de tren
6. Estación de autobuses
7. Hotel El Bedel
8. La Bienvenida
9. Restaurante Plademunt
10. Tempranillo
11. El Gato de Tres Patas
12. Pollo de Alcalá
13. Hostel Complutum