Don't Wake Me Up

España. 2018. Color. 21 min. Ficción. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Sara Fantova.
  • Scriptwriter: Nuria Dunjó; María Fernández Daranas.
  • Cast: Ibone Ajuria; Josean Bengoetxea; Maddi Gutierrez; Itziar Lazkano; Eder Pastor; Malen Razkin; Amets Zulueta.
  • Cinematography: Clara Rus.
  • Editing: Javier Gil Alonso.
  • Music: Xabeir Mendez.
  • Sound: Oriol Donat i Martos.
  • Special Effects: Luis Cossio; Helena Palomares; Marina Palomer.
  • Producer: Júlia Estruga.

Bilbao, 2009. Jone is a teenager in the 4th year of secondary school. In her school there is a strong activist and Basque nationalist atmosphere. One day her father takes a political post in the Basque Government, which means the need to have a bodyguard and give up the life they had been living.

  • Awards

    Sara Fantova

    Bilbao, 1993. In 2013, she began her university studies at the ESCAC in Barcelona, specialising two years later in film directing. She graduated in 2018 with No me despertéis (Don’t wake me up), a short film shot in Bilbao and based on a personal experience.