The Night

España. 2018. Color. 11 min. Animación. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Martín Romero.
  • Scriptwriter: Martín Romero.
  • Editing: Martín Romero.
  • Art director: Martín Romero.
  • Music: Joseba Beristain.
  • Sound: David Rodríguez.
  • Animation: José Garnelo; Dalila Rovazzani.
  • Producer: Iván Miñambres.

A Wolf Man and a Moon Woman meet in a large lake during a warm summer night. The passion arises between them and they immediately begin an idyllic love relationship. However, an unexpected happening will turn their life upside down.

  • Awards
  • TROFEO ALCINE A LA MEJOR MÚSICA ORIGINAL - Joseba Beristain | Edición 48 2018

    Martín Romero

    Martín Romero (Boiro, A Coruña, 1981) is an illustrator and author of comics who combines both disciplines to develop all types of projects. He works as an illustrator, ranging from publicity to publishing field. 'The Night', his first short film, is based on his work Episodios Lunares.