España. 2013. . 92 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Santiago Alvarado.
  • Scriptwriter: Santiago Alvarado; Ramón Salas.
  • Cast: Juanjo Pardo, Rafa Delacroix, Josep Seguí, Francesc Pagès, Joaquim Oristrell, Carme Balagué, Javier Bódalo, Timothy Gibbs, Juli Fábregas, Jordi Ríos, Laia Alberch, Santiago Alvarado, Carles Velat.
  • Cinematography: Miguel Mulero.
  • Editing: Santiago Alvarado; Josep Mª Juez.
  • Art director: Marta Vázquez.
  • Music: Néstor Romero.
  • Sound: Jaume Duque; Pol Fernández; Gerard Pazos.
  • Producer: Joaquim Vivas.
Imagine a world where super heroes exist. An extraordinary story about unbelievable characters. The film introduces us to Magno, a super hero with special powers, cast out years ago for false accusations, who is now working as a farm hand.
  • Awards

    Santiago Alvarado
    In 2003 Santiago graduates in Cinematography from the Film School in Barcelona, ECIB. He is trained in directing, screenwriting and film production. In 2003 he starts to work in the film business, taking part in 'Sevignê' directed by Marta Balletbó-Coll. He has worked in the production of numerous projects so far.