ALCINE celebrates "The shortest day" with Notodofilm

ALCINE celebrates "The shortest day" with Notodofilm

December 16, 2016

[ED+C] (The shortest day) is an anticipated annual event that is celebrated in other countries on December 21st, the winter solstice. Its primary objective is to provide the greater public access and exposure to short films by providing free showings in the streets and other public spaces, including plazas, schools, museums, hospitals, malls, bars, etc.

ALCINE has taken part in this activity for four consecutive years, and this year will be collaborating with an important Spanish online film festival, Notodofilmfest. Notodofilmfest is well known in Spain and is celebrating its 15th edition this year. The list of directors, actors, screenwriters, producers, and technicians that have particapated the the more than 13,000 films presented in their festival is astounding, and the 58 million spectators they have received through their run as a festival is unmatched.

The showing will be free on Wednesday, December 21st at 6:30pm and will be shown in the "Antiguo Hospital de Santa María la Rica" (Santa María la Rica, 3).

The program will cover as much as possible and will have some of Notodos greatest productions:


Bla bla bla. Director: Alexis Morante

Maquetas. Director: Carlos Vermut

Funny web cam. Director: Néstor Fernández

Saying. Director: David Pareja

Rigor. Director: Óscar Arenas Llopis y David Galán Galindo

Los reyes magos. Director: Alberto González Vázquez

Estribillo. Director: César Tormo García

Algunos hombres siguen sin aclararse. Director: Claudia Loring Rude y Víctor Nanclares

Doble check. Director: Paco Caballero

Control Z. Director: Sergio Milán

Una cuestión de etiqueta. Director: Roger Villarroya y Mario Rico

*036. Director: Esteban Roel y Juan Fernando Andrés

Sinvivir. Director: Carlos Aparicio y Abel Zamora

Llama ya. Director: Jorge Naranjo

Suena fatal y tiene eco. Director: David Pareja y Javier Botet

Curvas. Director: David Galán Galindo

El extraño. Director: Víctor Moreno

Las batallitas del abuelo Director: Néstor F.

¡Tia, no te saltes el eje!. Director: Kike Narcea

Las abejas. Pequeños documentales. Director: Jim Box

Los 150 metros de Callao. Director: Rodrigo Cortés

Los gritones. Director:Roberto Pérez Toledo

Pipas. Director: Manuela Moreno