The Disco Shines

Turquía. 2016. Color. 12 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Chema García Ibarra.
  • Scriptwriter: Chema García Ibarra.
  • Cinematography: Ion de Sosa.
  • Editing: Chema García Ibarra.
  • Art director: Leonor Díaz Esteve.
  • Sound: Leti Argudo; Jorge Flor.
  • Producer: Mahmut Erbay.
  • Co-production: España

The evening is ending and the shadow of the mountain falls over the town. It's saturday, almost summer. Five friends are preparing a night of fun. They are young, they have alcohol, a car and music.

Chema García Ibarra

Chema was born in Spain in 1980. He has made the short films 'The attack of the Robots from Nebula-5' (2008), 'Protoparticles' (2010) and 'Misterio' (2013), which were selected amongst others in the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in Cannes, Sundance, Berlinale, Chicago or Ann Arbor.

"Flashback al revés" (2008) / "Miaau" (2007) / "El camino de carne" (2004) / "Aneurisma" (2000)