The tenant

España. 2015. Color. 14 min. Ficción. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Mar Coll.
  • Scriptwriter: Mar Coll; Valentina Viso.
  • Cast: Morgan Collins; Clara Segura; Juliette Verdier.
  • Cinematography: Martín Gutiérrez.
  • Editing: Ana Pfaff.
  • Art director: Teresa Caballero.
  • Music: Nico Roig.
  • Sound: Eric Arajol.
  • Producer: Raúl Regueiro.

Ana, a forty-year-old who has run away from home, is deeply grateful to Camille, a student, for having chosen her to be her roommate. So much that she’s prepared to thank her at all costs.

Mar Coll
Mar Coll has a degree in film direction by ESCAC, where she makes the short LA ÚLTIMA POLAROID. Her first feature film TRES DIES AMB LA FAMILIA won the Goya Award for best new director and the Gaudí Award for best direction, best film and best actress. In 2013 shoot TOTS VOLEM EL MILLOR PER A ELLA.