Enemies within

Francia. 2016. Color. 27 min. Ficción. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Selim Azzazi.
  • Scriptwriter: Selim Azzazi.
  • Cast: Hassam Ghancy; Najib Oudghiri.
  • Cinematography: Frederic Serve.
  • Editing: Anita Roth.
  • Art director: Françoise Arnaud.
  • Music: Selim Azzazi.
  • Sound: Vincent Cosson; Pascal Jacquet.
  • Producer: Benjamin de Lajarte.

In the 90's, during the algerian civil war, terrorism reaches France. Two men. Two identities. One fight.

  • Awards

    Selim Azzazi

    Selim Azzazi was born in Lyon, France. He graduated from Louis Lumiere National Film School. He's been working as a sound editor and sound designer since 2001 with directors such as Oliver Stone, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Luc Besson, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Michel Hazanavicius or Radu Mihaileanu. Having a keen interest in acting and directing he's been a member of the Jack Garfein Studio in Paris since 2005. "Enemies within" is his first film.