The Art of Being a (bad) Dad

España. 2023. Color. 13 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Jorge Boquete.
  • Scriptwriter: Óscar Cruz.
  • Cast: Sabela Arán; Amanda Ares; Jacoba De Llano; Xosé Esperante; Marita Martínez; Teté Toscano Sagrera.
  • Cinematography: Juan Pirola.
  • Editing: Manu Pallarés.
  • Art director: Cris Amado.
  • Music: Juan Barro.
  • Producer: Jairo Aldana.

Agra del Orzán, A Coruña, 2023. César is a separated father, without a job and without any vital aspiration other than to see his daughter Clara when it's his turn. Everything changes when Marta, his ex-wife, accepts a job that will take them to live in London. The separation is imminent and before he can accept it, César faces the last three days he will spend with his daughter in a long time. Three days of contradictory feelings, restrained emotions and personal discovery. Three days in which father and daughter will connect as never before.

Jorge Boquete


  • · 11/09/2023 - 19:30 at Corral de Comedias