Queen Size

Francia. 2023. Color. 19 min. Ficción. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Avril Besson.
  • Scriptwriter: Avril Besson.
  • Cast: India Hair; Marie Loustalot; Raya Martigny.
  • Cinematography: Julia Mingo.
  • Editing: Avril Besson.
  • Sound: Tristan Pontécaille.
  • Poster designer: Rafael Mathé.
  • Producer: Christophe Audeguis; Arthur Goisset ; Robin Robles; Bastien Daret.

This morning, Marina has an appointment with Charlie to sell her a mattress. This evening, she will cancel her plane for the Reunion. But they don't know that yet.

Avril Besson

Avril Besson is known for Oups! (2014), Queen Size (2023) and Bernard & Fils, suicideurs à domicile (2011).