The Acrobatic Era

Francia. 2023. Color. 15 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Mathieu Barbet.
  • Scriptwriter: Mélnie Parent-Chauveau.
  • Cast: Pauline Delli-Colli; Florence Janas; Mado Jouannet; Ferdinand Redouloux.
  • Cinematography: Cyrille Hubert.
  • Editing: Raphael Costa.
  • Music: Leo Barbenes.
  • Sound: Lucas Héberlé.
  • Producer: Adrien Bretet.

Lucas, thirteen, takes part in an acrobatic rock workshop for the first time. In the gymnasium, bodies fly away, the risk of falling is permanent and the heart races. A big jump into adolescence.

Mathieu Barbet

Mathieu Barbet, actor and director known for his role in In the Shadow (2010), L'âge acrobatique (2023) and Trepalium (2016).